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Site Map

This page help us understand all the pages this website offers, please bear with us,  this page as in other pages is under construction and needs improvement. webservant.

Home ---> This is the entry point, everytime you visit this site this is the first page to open.

About Lingkod---> Lingkod in general.
   About Lingkod Dagupan--->. Lingkod Dagupan its begining... Its being finalized by bro Mon.
   Partners in Mission--->
   How to Contact Us--->
   Members Profile------->Restricted to Login User, former and current members info. For errors, omission, corrections please inform us. We have problems with our records, and any information be given to us is greatly appreciated. Currently, records/info of present members is being updated, for past members you can help us collect these information. Please register, and we accept comments and suggestions.

Picture Gallery--->'All' available pictures will be posted here. If you have any pictures you want to share with us, in any lingkod activities past 'n present, you are very much welcome to do so. Update to our gallery is not easy so please be patient. We are saving our pictures in Send your pictures to, specify the event and the year, month. Thanks in advance.

Calendar ---> All Lingkod events will be posted here, Birthdays, activities, local and national, 'n etc...


Testimony---> Sharing.

Guestbook --->please signup, members also so that well know. Thank you for time signing. Please fill up the information so that we may able to contact you, and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

Popular Links ---> Collections of sites of lingkod branches, religious organization and more. You can submit  links to other sites here.

Board ---> 'Blogs' ex. Weekly Reflection, you can leave comments and personal reflection. To add a Board, please inform the webservant or sis Ming, she has the account to create a board. NEW section on the board 'My Web log' personal, you can post you ideas here.

LingkodVids---> Selected videos. Unforgetable moments of Lingkod Dagupan in videos.

News---> For any anouncement of events, you can put details here in addition to the anouncement at the sidebar. We need your contributions here, as well as in other pages.

Subscribe to Newsletter---> Subscribe to receive newsletter, needs confirmation. Any updates and any information with regard to this site, will be sending it to subscribers for free.

Final Words by Raul Agpoon---->Restricted to Login User, collection of all the Final Words used in this site. This is given before the final prayer every prayer meeting. Thanks bro. Raul for these inspiring words. One of this is posted at bottom of the home page and is updated every week.

Polls--> Here you can vote, currently questionnaire is sample only. "Do you like me to run for president?"

Login/Logout---> To Login you must have an account, a username and password. Please click register... below to register, this will still be activated by the webservant before you can use it. Be patient please, thanks.

Featured Songs----> Currently this page is in the experiment mode. Use to listen to selected Christian musics.

Acknowledgement---> To contributors, members and guests to God be the glory! We appreciate any comments, reaction, contribution and ideas from you brothers and sisters.

Site Map---> This page describes all the site pages content and How to's.. Now you see me.

Register...---> Located at the upper right box, if you want to personalize your username and password click
Register.... You can also use these to send message to the webservant/webmaster. For past and present lingkod dagupan members you can update your profiles here, For past members, our record book is missing please take time to fill all the necessary information so that we can include you in our profiles. Thank you very much, hope to see you soon.

Online Library--->Bibbles and translations, Catholic Documents, Cathechism, and Encyclopedia. This are links not maintained by lingkod dagupan. You can view other religious website in our Popular Links page.

Todays Gospel--->Gospel's homily.

Download---> documents, pictures, logo etc...

Worth Reading--->  Some reading materials.

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Mass Readings/Inpirational:  

Mass Readings (Link to EWTN Global Catholic Network)EWTN Home


Global Catholic Network

And a leper came to him beseeching him, and kneeling said to him, "If you will, you can make me clean." Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand and touched him, and said to him, "I will; be clean." Mark 1:40-41
Consider God's generosity towards you rather than your own unworthiness in His sight, and live in His strength, rather than in the thoughts of your own weakness. . -- St. Vincent de Paul
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Share your pictures with lingkod dagupan for everyone to see. Can't wait to see all those beautiful faces.

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