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About Lingkod Dagupan

"How Lingkod Dagupan started"
by Bro. Mon P.

Everyday, we are constantly making choices - often small and on occasion, a big one.

A band of single brothers from BCBP - Dagupan "choose" a life that will give impact to others positively. A beautiful life can be - which is a " Single Men and Women Community in Dagupan City".

In 1991, these single brothers decided to come to see Francis Iturralde(ALNP - National Director) in Scout Tobias, Quezon City to know more about "Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon Community". This was followed again by another call on the same year, this time in the company of an elder single leader of BCBP - Dagupan.

By January 1992, Bro. Francis Iturralde visited Dagupan City and stayed in the home of Dr.Berns Jimenez - BCBP, Chapter Head. From this visit spring up what is good and beautiful. A first prayer meeting happened, this is on the second week of February 1992, attended by three brothers, then followed by five brothers in the second prayer meeting.

GOD worked miracles and wonders in the formation of ALNP - Dagupan. the LoRD Provided everything:

  •     There is financial assistance that comes even without an appeal to anyone.
  •     Prayer meeting venue is rented on a minimal rate. After two months, there are many offers for a free venue.
  •     CLP venue beside the beach is free, even a sumptuous lunch in an expensive restaurant for the visitors(CLP mission team), registration for participants and service team members are free. (We were all invited to attend a Baptismal Celebration).
  •     New recruit fervently requested that they contribute in the funding of the activities.
  •     BCBP members encouraged their sons to join ALNP-Dagupan.
  •     St. Therese Parish Priest - Fr. Denny Lucas, offered to be the spiritual Adviser.
  •     Donors for food and catholic reading materials.
  •     And other "BIG" miracles and wonders.

On July 1992, twenty-two men committed themselves to ALNP-Dagupan.

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... and many more wonders and miracles year after year. God is Good! all the time.

Comment posted by Marissa P. Tucay( ), 10/19/2008 at 2:45am (UTC):
Hello kapatids!

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